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A Night at the Opera

Here’s another very old Liebig hidden object picture puzzle card.

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Don’t have the official answer to this, so will be curious to see what we can come up with. If someone knows German, can you start us off by helping with the translation? Thanks

Here’s an earlier antique hidden object puzzle card from France, where you have to help a man find his three rabbits.


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  1. charity | Guest

    ok i dont speak german but here is what i came up with…Wo ist Lohengrin means where is Lohengrin. and Lohengrin is a character in some German Arthurian literature. The son of Parzival (Percival), he is a knight of the Holy Grail sent in a boat pulled by swans to rescue a maiden who can never ask his identity. His story is a version of the Knight of the Swan legend. i got that part from wikipedia cause i was a bit curious myself. i have no idea the answer to the puzzle but didnt know if maybe this would be of help

  2. Conny | Guest

    The postcards asks “Wo ist Lohengrin?” which means “Where is Lohengrin?” and refers to the knight whose face can be found in the sky next to the left tree if you turn the picture upsid down.

  3. RK | Profile

    Thanks, Charity!

  4. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    Conny beat me to it.

  5. Kat | Guest

    I think the sign at he top of the stage means “LIEBIG COMPANYS MEAT EXTRACT” not sure what that is supposed to mean

  6. Genevieve | Profile

    It’s a promotional card for Liebig’s meat extract (like Maggi).

    Lohengrin (from the Arthurian saga) is the hero of the opera “Lohengrin” by Wagner.

  7. Genevieve | Profile

    Down in the corner stands: Look at backside.

  8. sabitmaulana | Profile

    i see the man face , if you turn the image upside down, in the left tree.

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