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What am I? Short riddle poem…


Here’s a really old riddle poem:

My number, definite and known,

is ten times ten told ten times o’er;

One-half of me is one alone,

The other exceeds all count and score.


Can you guess what I am?


[answers, submitted below in the comment section, to be shown in day, thanks]

Here’s another short riddle posted couple months ago. And here’s a harder, math brain teaser type riddle poem.


14 Comments to “What am I? Short riddle poem…”

  1. RK | Profile

    a little surprised no one has gotten this yet, it’s really not that hard….

  2. keith | Guest

    the answer is 10 isnt it
    “10 times over” refers to divided by
    i think

  3. jason | Guest

    i dontknow….i’m gonna throw out 1k

  4. charity | Guest

    i think the answer is 10…half of me is one..cause there is a 1 and a 0 *shrugs* not sure but what the heck im gonna throw it out there too

  5. milo zachary | Guest

    Thousands. Thou Sands
    I think that the wording is deceptive. I was looking for a single integer.

  6. Scott K | Guest

    its 10

  7. Megan W | Guest

    I don’t think it’s “hard” as much as it is vague… the language confuses me. I’m a mathematical/ logical thinker who is much more confused when it comes to word problems.
    Initially I thought like Jason – 1000… but that makes half of it ’10’, not 1. So maybe it is 10? Which would make more sense if, like Keith states, “10 times over” refers to divided by.
    I appreciate the diversity though, RK. I’ve always wanted to be better at word problems, and the only way to get better is by practising. So thanks :)

  8. RK | Profile

    Hi Megan- glad to hear you like the variety Smiley

    in retrospect, though, I agree that it actually is kind of hard, because half the problem relies on mathematical thinking, and the other half switches gears and relies on lateral thinking, which can always be very tricky as the spectrum of possible answers is huge (compared to logic/math problems).

    When you have the answer in front of you (which I did), things always seem much easier than what they really areSmiley

  9. RK | Profile

    Thousand, as Milo notes is the ‘official’ answer. 10×10=100; told 10 times over=1000.

    Thou=one alone

    sand= exceeding all count and score

  10. RK | Profile

    although now that I think about it, can the concept of ‘zero’ exceed all count and score? Probably so…

    this is working along the ’10 times over’ being a division as Keith mentions

  11. Prairie Kittin | Guest

    Thou = one alone
    Sand = exceeds all count and score


  12. Tim | Guest

    Without getting into the word part, 1000 halved is “10” and “00”. “00” resembles the symbol for infinity, thus exceeding all count and score. “10” is 1 alone, since 0 represents nothing.

  13. Angelo | Guest

    I’m thinking of thousand

  14. Catherine | Guest

    Call me unromantic and picky, but I’m afraid that there is not an infinite number of grains of sand, nor rocks available for pulverizing.

    Sand does not exceed our count and score, only our tolerance for monotony and tedium in doing so, and of course time available in the human life span. :)

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