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THE RUNES: The World’s Greatest Puzzle!

Now some important news about a wonderfully original puzzle called THE RUNES.

I strongly recommend it, and am delighted that we can bring it to you well ahead of anyone else in North America.

Click here to learn more about this extraordinary puzzle!


6 Comments to “THE RUNES: The World’s Greatest Puzzle!”

  1. suineg | Guest

    it seems pretty cool, one question i liked much is the tower of babel question, who lies and who tells the truth, i think that both lies, is that correct?

  2. suineg | Guest

    the missing inscription is west, there are all the point cardinals but west

  3. Oracle | Guest

    Your answers look good.

    The Tower of Babel is interesting, especially when further characters are introduced (such as the fortune teller and judge) as the puzzle progresses, until there are up to 9 to be unravelled. Also, later in the Runes the characters provide information to help solve other puzzles, but you have to work out first who you can trust!

    Likewise, the Missing Inscription puzzles steadily become more challenging, with larger grids and a variety of groups in the same puzzle, with connections that you have to work out before you can fully solve the puzzle.

  4. suineg | Guest

    i liked puzzle who are original and dynamic, and Runes is very original, and i think that the players can develop problem solving abilities while having fun, the dynamic interaction with fictional characters is also a good boost for creativity thinking, cool game.
    And for the tower of babel that was the only answer that for me did not lead to a contradiction.

  5. kira | Guest

    I liked the lie and truth one!!!!!!!!! it’s one of those brain teasers that could override a computer and make your mind blow up!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Roxanne | Guest

    I’ve been at this puzzle since July. I’ve got to say, it is one of the best I’ve ever come across. Unlike the Rubik’s cube, you can’t “solve” it with a screw driver and a hammer.
    As soon as I think I’ve finished one part, something else comes up and I feel like I’m starting over again.
    And just for the record, don’t let Babel or the missing inscriptions you see here fool you. Later on they become pure torture. But man are you in heaven when you work out the solution for them!
    If you’re up for a challenge, take the plunge! Buy the Runes, but I’m warning you, it is highly addictive, and may just RUNE your life.

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