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Very Hard Conundrum?

Will leave this hard riddle up over the weekend. Doubt anyone will get it right away.

I am composed of 9 letters. In me may be found:

  • a title
  • a metal
  • a weight
  • a penny
  • part of a wheel
  • pleasant; agreeable in nature
  • an adverb
  • and 2 prepositions

My whole is a popular city in the state of New Jersey (U.S.)

Unlike most of the other puzzles, comments/questions/answers will be shown throughout Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.


16 Comments to “Very Hard Conundrum?”

  1. Joe | Guest


    -In, On

  2. RK | Profile

    Wow, didn’t think it would happen so soon, but someone has already figured this one out.

    Really don’t want to spoil the fun for others, so will hold off on posting the submitted answer(s) until Monday am.

    If too few solutions come in, will reveal a hint or 2 later today or tomorrow.

    All submissions will, however, eventually show up in chronological order, so come Monday, you’ll be able to see who figured it out with/without hints.


  3. Rosey | Guest

    Actually it’s pretty easy if you look at a map and find 9-letter cities in NJ. The answer is Princeton. Prince. Tin. Ton. Cent or coin. Tire. Nice. Once. To, and in.

  4. Mark W | Guest


    * a title: prince
    * a metal: Pr (praseodymium)
    * a weight: ton
    * a penny: rin
    * part of a wheel: ?
    * pleasant; agreeable in nature: ?
    * an adverb: ?
    * and 2 prepositions: in, to (3rd: on)

    The clue about being a city in New Jersey was the clincher… With that, only a couple of the above clues were needed to come up with Princeton.

  5. milo zachary | Guest

    adverb:pro (and con)
    prepositions:to, into

  6. Jay | Guest

    I figured Princeton…

    a title – Prince
    a metal – Tin
    a weight – Ton
    a penny – Cent
    part of a wheel – Tire
    pleasant; agreeable in nature – Nice
    an adverb – in/to
    and 2 prepositions – into (“in” and “to” can also be used as prepositions)

  7. wf | Guest


  8. Robert | Guest


  9. ken | Guest


    (weight = ton, title = prince, preposition = in, on, metal = iron, adverb = not, pleasant = nice, penny = coin)

    You could make it harder: in it, you can find….

    A musical instrument (cornet)
    A polypeptide (protein)
    Sexy (erotic)
    A section of DNA (intron)
    Piggish (porcine)

    (online anagram servers make it easy!)

  10. ED | Guest


    ? a title Prince
    ? a metal iron
    ? a weight ton
    ? a penny cent
    ? part of a wheel pin (part of pin-wheel)
    ? pleasant; agreeable in nature: nice
    ? an adverb: pro
    ? and 2 prepositions: in, on

  11. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    a title PRINCE
    a metal TIN
    a weight TON
    a penny CENT
    part of a wheel TIRE
    pleasant; agreeable in nature NICE
    an adverb IT
    and 2 prepositions TO, ON
    My whole is a popular city in the state of New Jersey (U.S.) PRINCETON

  12. Scott | Guest

    Mrironounceabehalfcirclehappy(insertadverband preps cuz i dunno them), NJ

  13. Winston Ford | Guest



    Great site by the way.

  14. RK | Profile

    Thanks for stopping by, Winston.

    Scott- have to give you an A+ for effortSmiley

  15. Scott | Guest

    o thats not fair i thought it had to be like all of the things in the word without rearanging the letters. i was pretty close tho.

  16. Mark W | Guest

    Yeah i assumed the same thing as Scott.

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