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Seeing stars

What belongs in the box with the question mark?


Here’s an earlier, similar IQ puzzle-type question you can try. For something maybe a little more difficult, try this series brain teaser, which will also force you to think clearly.

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36 Comments to “Seeing stars”

  1. Joe | Guest

    3 black stars. Going by row or column, the white star add up to 4 and the black stars add up to 5.

  2. JasonF | Guest

    Three black stars.

  3. charity | Guest

    5 black stars

  4. Jay | Guest

    3 black starz…

  5. Danno | Guest

    3 Black Stars – There are 4 white and 5 black stars in each row and column.

  6. Alexey | Guest

    Three brown stars?

  7. Sven | Guest

    3 black stars

    The total number of stars across and down sum to 9 for all other rows.
    The total number of white stars across and down sum to 4 for all rows.

  8. jason | Guest

    3 black stars

  9. Shawn | Guest

    The diagonals could be subtractive:
    (top right) – (center) = (bottom left)

    If so, then (bottom right) should be (2 white stars)

    But this answer isn’t very satisfying – there must be more.

  10. Scott | Guest

    3 black stars, no white stars

    sollution: each column and row has a total of 5 black stars and 4 white ones.

  11. Alex | Guest

    Sorry I mean three black stars. Please delete first comment

    All rows/columns have 5 black stars and four white ones.

  12. Mihret K | Guest

    3 Black stars

  13. den | Guest

    3 black stars

  14. Rasool | Guest

    3 stars all black

  15. doug | Guest

    3 black stars. rows and columns have a total of 4 white, and 5 black stars.

  16. Justin | Guest

    3 black stars
    all the rows have nine stars – 4 white and 5 black

  17. Justin | Guest

    it works vertically too
    don´t see a pattern in the positioning though so dont think it is relevant

  18. Angelo | Guest

    It should be three black stars. Each row and column contains 5 black stars and four white stars.

  19. Shawn | Guest

    Ah, I see it now. A moment of clarity tonight while driving home from a concert in NJ.

    Five black stars and 4 white stars in each row and column.

    The final square should contain only 3 black stars.

  20. charity | Guest

    ok i think my guess of 5 stars is wrong but im gonna stick with it cause i dont have another answer lol

  21. ken | Guest

    3 blacks and no whites

  22. RoMZoMBiE | Guest

    3 black stars in place of the “?” will make the vertical and horizontal stars add up perfectly. I’m assuming the diagonals totals are meaningless.

  23. Sala | Guest

    The squarre with question mark should contain 2 white stars!

  24. dat | Guest

    i think 1 white star and 3 black stars

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  26. smokie | Profile

    Three black stars

  27. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    3 black stars, this was an interesting one for sure.

  28. raj_alchemist | Profile

    3 black stars

  29. nadia | Profile

    3 black stars

  30. M.Morrsi | Profile

    If we imagine a counting system with the basis of 4 where balck stars represent 4^1 digit while the whites represent 4^0 digits
    we come down to the sum fist row we find (10+5+9)=24
    Second line’s sum (13+8+3)=24
    so the third =24 by applying this logic we find the last unknown digit contains
    4 white stars and 2 black stars

  31. M.Morrsi | Profile

    Ironically the aforementioned logic will lead to the same result 3 black stars

  32. M.Morrsi | Profile

    There could be two more logics with different results
    First assume the North west,South eastern diagonal divides the big square into three regions one to its North east and one to its South west now we count the stars we can find out a pattern where in the south west region we have(5 whites,5 blacks)and in the noth eastern region we have (5 whites,3 blacks) in that sense we should expect in the middle region “Diagonal”(5 whites,4 blacks”those 4 blacks we have”;) so according to this logic we expect 3 white stars in the unknown square.
    The second logic assumes the North east,South western diagonal divides the big square into three regions one to its North west and the other to its south east”which contains the unknown square” now we have in the North western corner of this diagonal (4 whites,6 blacks) and in the North east,South western diagonal we have (2 whites ,4 blacks) according to this logic we can assume that the south eastern corner (blacks=whites+2 )by applying this logic we should expect 6 blacks in the unknown square.

  33. dezcifrando | Profile

    3 black stars – all lines and columns must have 4 white stars and 5 black stars

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