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Rooster in the Yard

Can you ‘find the fault’ here?

Here’s another similar picture puzzle posted back in May.

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23 Comments to “Rooster in the Yard”

  1. Joe | Guest

    Roosters don’t have webbed feet.

  2. Scott | Guest



  3. milo zachary | Guest

    webbed feet

  4. ngdses | Guest

    Roosters don’t have webbed feet.

  5. Ryan | Guest

    His feet. Roosters do not have webbed feet as shown. These are duck feet.

  6. Sven | Guest

    Rooster feet aren’t webbed between the toes!

  7. CC | Guest

    Roosters don’t have webbed feet

  8. Rosey | Guest

    That rooster’s got duck feet!

  9. jason | Guest

    webbed feet?

  10. jusdiver | Guest

    Cockerels don’t have webbed feet, They are not water birds.

  11. Rosey | Guest

    My previous comment didn’t seem to make it.

    This rooster has DUCK feet.

  12. Josh Iufer | Guest

    Im thinking chickens arent supposed to have webbed feet and the rooster does

  13. Ravi. M | Guest

    Roosters don’t have webbed feet.

  14. Shawn | Guest

    Rooster feet are not webbed.

  15. Riyad | Guest

    The eyes seem to be human, not rooster eyes.

  16. eD | Guest

    Chickend do not have webbed feet

  17. Jason | Guest

    The duck/webbed/non-rooster feet.

  18. Kate | Guest

    never seen a rooster with webbed feet!

  19. RLP | Profile

    Haven’t thought of that before, Riyad!

    Since I think we’re starting to have some name overlap, it may be a good idea to leave more than just a 1st name when submitting answers/comments.

    Over the next month or two, hopefully we’ll have avatars up and running, as well as profiles

  20. Angelo | Guest

    It’s the foot. Chickens don’t have duck feet. Do you think they’ll win a cockfight with feet like that?

  21. facestabbingazn | Profile

    rooster with duck feet :P Lol maybe they might as well put cow with pig feet

  22. Sierra Goh | Profile


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