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Follow these shifting shapes

The seven figures below form a series. One of the five numbered figures, however, does not fit. Can you guess which one it is?

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[As always, will unmask answers in a day to give everyone a chance to try]

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10 Comments to “Follow these shifting shapes”

  1. Joe | Guest

    The rectangle in number 4 should be an s.

  2. Mihret K | Guest

    4 ? Not sure

  3. Shawn | Guest

    Box #4 does not belong.

    Starting with “Box 0,” the pattern is:

    The figure in the upper left moves to the lower right
    The “x” moves to the lower left
    The “=” moves to the center
    The character in the lower left (“c”;) leaves the box
    A new character (“*”;) enters the box at the upper right

    The second movement pattern is:

    The “x” moves back to the center
    The “=” moves back to the lower right
    The new character “*” that entered at the upper right, moves to the lower left
    A new character (“RECT”;) enters the box at the upper left

    Changing Box #5 to a RECTANGLE in the lower right corner would technically meet the rules, but the shape appearing in the upper left corner in Box #4 should be a NEW CHARACTER to completely satisfy the pattern

    Box #4 is the incorrect one. The RECTANGLE in the upper left corner should be an “s”
    This change would make Box #5 correct, and satisfy the need for a new character to be introduced in the upper left corner in alternating boxes.

  4. Dan | Guest

    I’m going to guess #4 is the one that doesn’t fit. My reasoning seems a little sloppy to me, but it’s what stuck out to me at first glance. In each of the ones before 4, one item is taken away from the collection, and a new one is added. Their placement changes, but I didn’t notice a pattern to that immediately.

    #4 simply changes the placement of objects from #3, without adding or taking away anything. I imagine #4 was supposed to replace one of the White shapes with the ‘n,’ or the ‘s,’ and #5 then replaced the remaining shape with the other letter. The final block then replaces the ‘s’ with an arrow.

  5. Angelo | Guest

    My answer should be 4

  6. James D. Turner | Guest

    4, it is the only figure where the vertical objects are reversed.

  7. Broes | Profile

    I don’t quite agree with the first pattern of Dan, since then at box 1, the “x” would be gone (since its in the bottomleft corner), but in the 2nd box it’s still there. Also is a blank regarded as an object in this pattern?

    The first and foremost answer that came to mind within seconds is that it is box 4 that is wrong, since from left to right every box has 1 item different with the previous one, except box 4. Of course this makes that box 5 has 2 differences with box 3.

  8. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    Answer is number 4 , the figure should have an S instead of a rectangle.

    4 thumbs up!

  9. Balqees | Profile

    5 does not fit

  10. Balqees | Profile

    5 because in the rectangle must be instead of s

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