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A feeling all persons detest

See if you can guess this good word riddle:

A feeling all persons detest,

Altho’ ’tis by every one felt,

By two letters fully express’d,

By twice two invariably spelt.

Feel free to submit answers in comment section below. To avoid spoiling the fun, will release responses in a day or 2.

If you’re new to the site, a couple months back we presented this short riddle, and not too long ago this very hard but compelling word riddle.


15 Comments to “A feeling all persons detest”

  1. Jay | Guest


  2. Brian M | Guest

    Is it pain? “Ow!” and “pain”?

  3. jason | Guest

    i think it would be cold….the picture sort of represents that also

  4. jason | Guest

    brrrr would be the two letters

  5. Will | Guest

    It’s Envy! by two = NV

  6. Scott | Guest

    I’m determined to get this one.


    if it said by 3 letters expressed id say the feeling is spelled LOSS and expressed RIP

    ok heres my best shot, i know its wrong but
    Lone as the feeling spelled, Me as expressed.

  7. J Tanedo | Guest

    ow and pain? or do the letters have to be the same between the 2 letter word and the 4 letter word

  8. biobot | Guest

    This is very vague. A four-letter emotion or sensation expressed by two letters. I’d say “pain” and “ow”.

  9. coupland | Guest


  10. Ed | Guest

    Feeling all dislike: mourn
    Two letters: am
    Full spelling: morn

  11. Danno | Guest

    N V – envy

  12. Thomas | Guest

    NV goes with the Alien theme. :)

  13. Dusty | Guest

    Envy it is. It took me a little while to associate with the picture theme until I finally saw the light.

  14. RLP | Profile

    Envy was the ‘official’ answer, but it’s very interesting to see the other words you guys came up with…

    Pain, cold, mourn, and Lone are excellent ideas too.

    Scott, you  have a knack for alternative / lateral thinking right answers-I still remember Baby Duck! Smiley


  15. s | Guest

    2 letters = NV

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