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Strimko December 2010

Strimko December 2010

Another round of Strimko created for Smart-Kit by the amazing Grabarchuk family!

10 Comments to “Strimko December 2010”

  1. Chris Edwards | Profile

    Love this logic game! medium was just right for first try in middle of night. thanks 4 this one. Have 2 come back to solve some hard ones when I’m awake! Love the logic puzzles….. thx again. :ilovekaskus

  2. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Excellent puzzle series.

    I never had to use trial and error to solve them.

  3. Chris Edwards | Profile

    wow– from ‘medium’ to ‘hard’ is a quantum leap! couldn’t do the hard, yet it kept me up all nite! super-sudoko-esque!

  4. Chris Edwards | Profile

    EZ and medium seemed fairly straight-4-ward, but the hard one, I admit, I gave into trail and a lot of error! To the point of quitting! How long did this take U to complete, Hex? (ie, hard one?)

  5. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Those Grabarchuck are very gifted at doing cool puzzles, nicely going in this long series with twists, very cool, and always logically deductible.

  6. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    @Chris: for the hard one, look to where you CANNOT put a number and it will become a fairly easy problem

  7. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    @ChrisEdwards I meant in my previous post, sorry so lazy I am so I write in slang.., but cool

  8. Chris Edwards | Profile

    @suineg: thx… I’ll try that. Isn’t it rather like the approach one takes to sudoko? Did it take long 4 U 2 do the hard one(s)? I can do differential equations, but can’t keep a tiger from escaping nor do an (apparently) straight-4-ward number puzzle! oh, well… no pain, no brain! later…

  9. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    @ChrisEdwards (as Suineg has put it), I never timed it, but I guess about 5 minutes, at most 10 for the hard level (I get distracted a lot)

  10. Chris Edwards | Profile

    @Hex– after finally getting some sleep, did the hard one on paper, almost reached end, made one error, then couldn’t remember my way back, ie, where was that error? Just checked the solutions– almost had it. 5 mins or 10 when you’re DISTRACTED? oh, snap! U R a master of the puzzles!

    @Suineg– U may call me Chris! thx again 4 responses. I agree– EZ-ier to look for the not equal to rather than all the possibles. Love this game!

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