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Hidden Object Card: What is this man looking for?

Will probably need some help with the translation, but here is another very old hidden object puzzle card from France.

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13 Comments to “Hidden Object Card: What is this man looking for?”

  1. Shawn | Guest

    Looking for a loaf of bread? Lots of candidates, nothing convincing enough.

  2. RK | Profile

    According to Babelfish:

    pain de sucre= “sugar loaf”
    mille millions de cornichons = 100 million gherkins

    Another site says ‘Cornichons’ are small pickled cucumbers

  3. Mark | Guest

    Well, I don’t know if it’s some of the 100 million gherkins, but those candy corn looking shapes between the two trees look mighty conspicuous.

  4. jusdiver | Guest

    According to IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe) a translation site for the European Union, Pain de Sucre can also be translated as sugar cone. So perhaps the cone-like steeple on the building in the background. I also went to and searched images of “pain de sucre” and sure enough the responses were almost all cone shaped or near cone shaped.
    There are some other vague cone shapes in the image so perhoas it is one of those but my guess is the “steeple”.

  5. RK | Profile

    Interesting & good pickup, jusdriver.

    I’m thinking, however, that whatever the man is looking for, it’s going to be more hidden and harder to observe? (as per the earlier card from the same series & company)…

  6. jusdiver | Guest

    Then I will have to put my money on either of the two cone like shapes formed by the crossing tree trunks. There is a very definite inverted one higher up in the tree, two tone as if the white cone of sugar is partially unwrapped and a more rounded one, the right way up lower down (again with the white tip of the sugar cone sticking out of its wrapping. There are some other vague cone shapes around (like the shadows) but the two I mentioned seem the most convincing to me. Of course in the last one of these picture puzzles about smokers I couldnt find the answer until someone sent in an anotated reply, so maybe I am still missing the plot here :)

  7. Shawn | Guest

    Pain de Sucre is the name of a peak in the French Alps.

    If the sky in the picture were completely overcast by white clouds, with only a small patch of clear sky showing at the top of the tree branches, we might be able to glimpse the peak of snowy Pain de Sucre between the two main limbs.

  8. RK | Profile

    Jusdiver was getting pretty darn close, I think, and I believe Shawn has wrapped this one up?

    Here’s a non-snow picture:

    and another:

  9. Will | Guest

    well he is not looking for the thousand million gherkins! A sugar loaf is a conical cake with icing on top so yes, the candy corn looking thing as some one put it is an upside down sugar loaf!

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  12. sabitmaulana | Profile

    if the image rotating upside down, the tree shadow like a mountain or hill, pain de sucre is hill without snow . maybe

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