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Hidden Object Card, Soldier

where is soldier hidden object puzzle

I think this translates into: Where is the fifth soldier?

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17 Comments to “Hidden Object Card, Soldier”

  1. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Upside down, next to the boy on the right.
    WAY WAY WAY easier than the last one!

  2. John Lewis Highsmith | Profile

    Der fünfte Soldat steht auf dem Kopf nur nach rechts und unterhalb der Kirchturm.

  3. joe | Profile

    camouflaged in the trees to the right of the fourth boy´s head.
    Easier to see if the picture is looked at upside down.

  4. katiem | Profile

    The fifth soldieris upside down in the tree next to the church

  5. Obiwan | Profile

    The 5th head is just behind the head of the boy on the right and is surrounded by tree trunk/branches.

  6. emsyandabs | Profile

    aargh i cant find it!

  7. mpspenguin | Profile

    In the top right corner just above the wall, you can see a face if you turn the picure upside down.

  8. countrycottage | Profile

    under the church in between the tree branches

  9. eyerishgrl21959 | Profile

    :~ I have no

  10. Dodgeram19 | Profile

    Up side down in the trees between the little house and the boy on the right

  11. frintorn | Profile

    in Blade,The lower left

  12. recharlaarjun | Profile


  13. biuoe | Profile

    Du kannst nur dem Kofp sehen.

  14. maye | Profile

    His face is shown upside down on top of the concrete wall, between the soldier on the far right and his stick.

  15. sabitmaulana | Profile

    it’s face? yes right, the face.

  16. DorianGrey123 | Profile

    In the trees looking upside down

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