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Fetching Apples

A man sent his boy into the orchard to get a pan of apples, and he said:


"Give me half the apples and one-half an apple more; then give your mother half the remainder and half an apple over, and your sister half the balance and half an apple besides, and have one apple left for yourself".


How many apples must he pick?

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  1. Joe | Guest

    I worked backwards. To have one and a half after giving his sister half his apples, he must have had three. Then to have three and a half after giving his mother half his apples, he must have had seven. Then, finally, to have seven and a half after giving his father half his apples, he must have started with fifteen.

  2. nimrod | Guest

    14 apples…..
    he gives 7.5 apples to his dad, which leaves 6.5 apples….
    then he gives his mom 3.5 apples, which leaves 3 apples….
    finally, he gives his sis 2 apples(half of 3 + half an apple),
    and keeps the last one for himself…..

  3. Mark | Guest

    15 apples.

    8–>father, leaving 7
    4–>mother, leaving 3
    2–>sister, leaving 1

  4. jason | Guest

    15 apples

  5. Ian mckinnon | Guest

    15 apples.
    15/2=7.5 7.5-.5=7 left and 8 goes to the dad.
    7/2=3.5 3.5-.5=3 left and 4 goes to the mom.
    3/2=1.5 1.5-.5=1 left for the kid and 2 go to the sister

  6. Ian mckinnon | Guest

    it seemed like the number would be kind of big at first.

  7. Riyad | Guest

    He must pick 15.
    Half (7.5) + .5 = 8 for Dad.
    Half the remainder 7(3.5) + .5 = 4 for Mom.
    The balance is 15-12 = 3, half of that(1.5) and .5 = 2 for Sister
    He’s left with 1 for himself.
    8+4+2+1 =15

  8. Azri | Guest


  9. RLP | Profile

    yes, the answer is 15 apples

  10. nimrod | Guest

    oh, right, right…i see where i messed up…..sorry.

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