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Rotating series question

Ok, for those who found the Pin series puzzle too easy, hopefully this will give you more of a challenge:


[will hold back on revealing submitted answers for about a day]

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  1. Joe | Guest

    1. Rotate objects 1 and 3 counter clockwise 90 degrees and rotate the whole line of objects 45 degrees.
    2. Rotate all 4 objects counter clockwise 90 degrees and rotate the whole line of objects 45 degrees.

    The answer is 4.

  2. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    Label the figures in box a as A, B C D, downward.

    The word “rotate” will indicate rotation of 90 degrees, ccw, about the figure’s own axis.

    From box a to box b, A and C rotate, B and D do not. From b to c all rotate. This sequence continues for the other steps.

    Keep in mind that the letters are moving around the center of the box, so A will be in the lower right hand corner for the last move.

    Answer diagram = 4.

  3. nimrod | Guest

    it’s 4… was still pretty easy, though….same concept..

  4. Amie Krone | Guest


  5. Mark | Guest


  6. Ian | Guest

    it is 4 because each one you turn 90 degrese counter clockwise each turn except for the bottom one and the second one down in figure a.
    you spin the line the symbols are in 45 degrese counter clockwise. if you continue this pattern after e, you will get four.

    (I checked each symbol and used the procces of elimination to find the anwser. too easy for me)

  7. Ian | Guest

    forgot. the ones that don’t turn 90 degrese in the pattern turn 90 degrese every 2 turns.

  8. Irene | Guest

    I believes it’s #5.

  9. Irene | Guest

    Whoops, I meant #4.

  10. den | Guest

    4. they rotate either after 2 or 1

  11. xgirl-highQ | Guest

    It’s #4

  12. Sanket Joshi | Guest

    answer = 4

  13. RLP | Profile

    well, thought this one was going to be harder;

    have to see what else we can come up with here : )

  14. Kuma | Guest

    It’s #4. Not a terribly difficult test, actually.

  15. Azri | Guest


  16. Angelo | Guest

    It’s 4.

  17. pseudo | Guest

    The answer is four and you can guess this strictly from the answers (without even seeing the original sequence) if you assume that the other answers were meant to trick you. 1, 3, 4, and 5 all have the top C pointing down. Whomever came up with the puzzle wouldn’t want you to be able to guess it from simply that one C, so we can rule out 2. Similarly, 1, 2, 3, and 4 all have the bottom C pointing up. As most people are going to start with the top or the bottom, we can similarly rule out 5. This leaves 1, 3, and 4. 3 and 4 have the second C from the top in common, while 1 and 4 have the third C from the top in common. If the author of the sequence wanted to make it as difficult as possible, they would have made the incorrect choices as similar as possible to the correct answer. Therefore, since both 3 and 1 appear more similar to 4 than each other, we can conclude that 4 is the correct answer.

    Perhaps this was just coincidence, but I doubt it.

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  19. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    Wow, number 4,
    I would have freaked out a little bit if I saw this one on an exam with a time limit. 30-45 sec’s on a question yikes lol.

  20. me | Profile

    ????? ?? ???? 3

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