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Matches & Squares Brain Teaser

For this puzzle, the object is to take away six matches and leave two squares.

Will unmask answers sometime tomorrow.

For new visitors, here is a good match type puzzle that features heavy lateral thinking.

And if you’d like to do one similar to the above, try to turn the fish around with this match stick brain teaser.

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14 Comments to “Matches & Squares Brain Teaser”

  1. charity | Guest

    k its kinda hard to explain but on the four squares on the left you take away the four that meet in the middle…then on the right you take away the bottom one and the bottom right one leaving a lil square in the upper right corner then the four lil ones on the left form one big square….hope that was explained clearly enough

  2. Mark | Guest

    Take away four matches in the center (in a cross formation), then take two away from one of the remaining corners. You’re left with one big square and one small one.

  3. Christine | Guest

    At the bottom right square: take away the right and the bottom matches.
    (This leaves the small square at the top)

    Adjacent to the small square will be a large 2X2 grid. Remove the 4 matches that are inside the grid.


    You should be left with something like this:

    _ _ _
    | |_|
    |_ _|

  4. Christine | Guest

    Okay, so the diagramme didn’t come out right…basically it’s one big square on the left, and a little square on its right.

  5. jason | Guest

    one way would be to leave a 3 and a 6, for 36, the square of 6, and also if you add them together, you would have 9, or the square of 3. Thats what i have so far….i’ll keep thinking though

  6. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    Remove either set of 4 touching internal sticks. This gives 1 large square and 2 small squares. Remove the 2 corner sticks from one of the small squares. Voila!

  7. Ian | Guest

    Take out 4 in the middle in the shape of a +, lets say on the right. then take out 2 in either corner on the left and you are left with 2 squares.

  8. SA | Guest

    Remove the four matches creating a ‘cross’ inside the first four (two on top and two on bottom) squares, thus creating one large square…

    ….and then remove the two matches from the top right corner leaving the same small square at the bottom (attached to the larger square and which is the third square in the current second row)…

    That is removing six and leaving two squares, albeit of different sizes.

  9. RLP | Profile

    Irene- you didn’t pass Joe the answer now, did you?Smiley

  10. RLP | Profile

    good lateral thinking, Jason- just saw your answer.

  11. Milo Zachary | Guest

  12. Abhijit | Guest

    Remove twoadjacent match sticks from anyone corner . Then remove four sticks from inside of the the larger part of the rremaining figure .Two square – one larger and one small remains.

    I cannot show it figuratively . Sorry for this .

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