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Tangram Game, 7 pieces

Tangram Game, 7 pieces

This is a modified version of the famous Tangram game invented in China many years ago. It consists of 7 pieces, which fit together to form a shape. . The objective is to form a specific shape with 7 pieces. Note that the shape has to contain all the pieces, and the pieces may not overlap. All shapes have the same area.

This game has some modified pieces from the original Tangram game.

Move the pieces by dragging with the mouse. Use the arrow keys to rotate and SPACE BAR to flip it!!

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  1. Revati10 | Profile

    SPOILER(or whatever you wanna call it): I find puzzle #41 extremly hard. But actually, after I solved it, I was right about my guess – it has a little bit similarity to puzzle #37. Good luck on conquering the game. And never give up. :)

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