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The Pin Problem

Which answer choice below continues the series?

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28 Comments to “The Pin Problem”

  1. Irene | Guest

    Number 2

  2. Joe | Guest


  3. Chris | Guest


  4. Mihret K | Guest

    This one is the easiest puzzle ever

    1st square: 3 arrows, 3 circle
    2nd square: 4, 2 circles
    3rd: 3, 3 circles
    4th:4, 2 circles
    5th:3, 3 circles

    So the sixth is obivously the image #2, because it’s the only with with four arrows and 2 circles.

  5. ian | Guest

    i showed my mom about this because she likes brain teasers and she got 2.

    The pattern is 3 arrows, 4 arrows, 3 arrows, 4 arrows, 3 arrows, and 2 has 4 arrows and the shapes stay the same.

  6. charity | Guest

    the answer is number 2

  7. nimrod | Guest

    it’s 2….why can i only get the easy ones?….or am i still wrong?

  8. Justin | Guest

    Well, I reckon it should be 3

  9. RLP | Profile

    Yes, the answer is 2.

    For those who thought this was too easy, I have a harder series question coming Monday morning

  10. nimrod | Guest

    but then that might be too hard…..

  11. MosieGT | Guest


  12. Kruzzei | Guest

    Right, the pettern, indeed a nice way to get the answer from the sheet, I bet less people would have gotten the final answer if the answer weren’t given.

    Meaning that you should find how the final figure looks.

    I got this one though, it’s definitely 2.

    (Bottom changes, top changes, second from bottom changes, second from top changes, and so on)

    Anybody have thoughts on this?

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  14. Ahmad Al-Sharman Al-Barmawi | Guest


  15. Angelo | Guest

    My answer is 2.

  16. lijo | Guest

    next series is 2.

  17. Kyle | Guest

    Couldn’t the answer possibly be five also? Think of it this way: from A to B, the bottom pin turns into an arrow, from B to C, the arrow turns into a pin, from C to D the fourth arrow turns into a pin. Since you’ve already changed to bottom insignia you leave it alone. Continue this pattern, working your way to the middle until you have nothing else to change and you’re answer would be five. Couldn’t that work?

  18. Kyle | Guest

    From B to C I meant the top arrow.

  19. Mike | Guest

    Apparently I’m way behind the times here, but I think that 5 might be a viable option as well. As long as you presume that after 5 iterations the symbol switches from an arrow to a dot or vice versa.

    I would discount this, however it is evident that in none of the rows does a symbol switch from arrow to dot more than once (if at all, hence 5 iterations being the magic number), which would be a possibility were option 2 the proper pattern.

    eg. Set 6 would be as follows:


    Of course, it’s probably just coincidence, or maybe I’m just crazy. There might even be another pattern/option that can complete the series.


    – Mike


    I realize that Kyle also thinks it’s 5, but I’m not sure I understand his reasoning, so I’m putting in my own. :P

  20. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    answer 2, 3/3 4/2 3/3 4/2 3/3 ( 4/2 )

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