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This logic game is a bit on the hard side; especially as you get past the few introductory levels. The objective for each level is simple: charge up every white node by making the proper connections. Making connections can be done in 3 basic steps: 1) click your mouse on the node you want to use 2) While still holding the mouse button, aim towards the node you wish to connect with 3) release the mouse button to attempt connection.

Note that each node can have only 1 inbound and 1 outbound connection.

As levels advance, new types of nodes get introduced.

1 Comment to “Cyrcuit”

  1. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Nice game, finished all levels, I would have wanted the 500 check and the shiny medal they offered but well the image was pretty good too jajaja.

    One suggestion could be to unlock levels as you progress, because someone could just have played level 21 and get the reward, nice game indeed hard, with strange logic patterns, very cool and hard.

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