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Mystery Picture, October 2010

mystery picture guess what it is

The picture above is an enlarged section of a photo. Can you figure out what the entire photo is basically showing?

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12 Comments to “Mystery Picture, October 2010”

  1. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Looks like a picture taken out the window of an airplane.

  2. ujackdiamond | Profile

    Jet intake as plane crosses coast line.

  3. joe | Profile

    looks something like the edge of a wing of an aeroplane flying over some land… but..

  4. shaks | Profile

    view from the window seat of a plane’s engine, and the land and sea far below

  5. RK | Founder | Profile

    very good, looking out the window of an airplane, you see the edge of the jet engine, as well as the coast line/land below.

  6. bizarette18 | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Which bit of coast is this? I’m just curious.

  7. RK | Founder | Profile

    Not sure what coast, Bizarette18, sorry about that

  8. kryz | Profile

    A view from the airplane. A coastal region. The semi circle on the right is the engine and the dark right bottom corner is the window! B-)

  9. Peege | Profile

    It’s a snail!

  10. anshul dixit | Profile

    it is a toothbrush…with toothpaste on it…..

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