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Square Pegs in Round Holes

Have you ever seen a bird in a tool chest?

There are no hidden objects here; for a hint on how to solve, check out this similar antique puzzle card.

20 Comments to “Square Pegs in Round Holes”

  1. jason | Guest

    a woodpecker

  2. Dee I Why | Guest


  3. RK | Profile

    (Update: 2 answers above by Jason and Dee I Why, previously hidden, now unamsked)

    only 1 persron has gotten the official answer so far; will hold off for about another day before unmasking submissions.

  4. Scott | Guest

    No, I haven’t.

  5. RK | Profile

    I will show him to you soon, ScottSmiley

  6. Ian Mckinnon | Guest

    What I got so far is…
    I(can’t find/think of anything)
    the first letters should spell bird I think.

  7. RK | Profile

    Dee I Why- Yellowhammer is the official answer on the puzzle card

    Jason-woodpecker seems to be a pretty good answer too

    Ian-you sure there isn’t a tool in there that begins with ‘I’?Smiley

  8. Ian Mckinnon | Guest

    I don’t know all of the tool names in there. I am not a tool person.

  9. ian | Guest

    an ice pick.
    now it spells bird.

  10. Mark | Guest

    I – instruction booklet

  11. charity | Guest

    isnt that an Icepick behind the saw?

  12. Mark | Guest

    erm… nevermind Ian already used “book” for B… i’m not a tool person either.

  13. RK | Profile

    Charity & Ian- yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking! Good pickup!


    Mark- Instruction Book is a a good thought;  maybe we can use ‘Box’ for B?

  14. Sal | Guest

    How about a WRENch?

  15. RK | Profile

    Didn’t see the Wren before, Sal. Nice!

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  18. moody | Profile

    “I ‘saw’ an ‘awl’ (owl)”

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