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Truth Tellers and Tricky questions

The puzzle ‘Captured in the Forest‘ (just prior to this post) reminds me somewhat of this earlier brain teaser, ‘A fork in the road‘. If you haven’t tried it yet, take a look before reading the comic below Smiley


5 Comments to “Truth Tellers and Tricky questions”

  1. Ian Mckinnon | Guest

    this is funny.
    but you would ask “would you stab me and does he lie?”
    they are not tricky so you can ask them and you also will discover the lier and the truth teller.

  2. Scott | Guest

    Ian I don’t think this is actually a puzzle, it’s a parody of all of the tricky puzzles.

  3. RLP | Profile

    sorry Ian, I worded the post poorly…changed it from “The puzzle below” to “The puzzle ‘captured in the forest'”. As it was, it suggested the comic was actually a puzzle. sorry for the confusion

  4. Ian | Guest

    i know. i just wanted to put it.

  5. Ian | Guest

    because i felt like it.

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