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Distorted Picture: Solve the equation…

What does the original photograph portray?

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Feel free to enter your answer below; as always, will wait about 24 hours before displaying so as to not spoil the fun. Thanks

If you missed our first distortion puzzle back in April, you can give it a try here.

13 Comments to “Distorted Picture: Solve the equation…”

  1. Jay | Guest

    Looks like women in white swimsuits rowing a boat…

  2. Ahmad Al-Sharman Al-Barmawi | Guest

    I think it is a rowboat!!

  3. nimrod | Guest

    looks like synchronized swimmers…

  4. Kyle | Guest

    A boat.

  5. charity | Guest

    i see a guy in like a light blue shirt…looks kinda like a wet suit thingie so im gonna guess its a surfer but the lil bit of yellow could be a raft so i guess its a guy in the water surfing or in a raft but i have a funny feeling im WAY off lol

  6. Ian Mckinnon | Guest

    all I see is a picture on a stand, but I can’t make out what is on the picture. If I had to guess, the picture is a poor dancing man with a spoted hat on.

  7. Rafael | Guest

    For me its like a boat, I dont know the word in english, but I think the sport is rowing or canooing. Its like a long thin boat, with people using long wood pieces (called rows, I guess). I hope you can get the point.

  8. T Cloud | Guest

    I am not certain, but the picture seems to be of a male rowing squad in a yellow boat with tight white rowing uniforms adorned with black lettering. I also see a team captain sitting at the bow and a wake in the rear.

  9. Mark M. | Guest

    People rowing a boat…..looks like a crew team.

  10. biobot | Guest

    People holding hands ina circle on an island in the forest. They are performing some sort of weiurd pagan ritual. Creepy!

  11. Jack S | Guest

    A Japnese rowing team of 10, with 2 people at each end.

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