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Fling The Furballs

Fling The Furballs

A neat puzzle game with cool graphics and 1000's of unique puzzles. Drag a furball in a straight line toward another to fling it. The goal is to be left with only one furball. Use the undo button when you get stuck, and the hint button if you're having trouble! This game is also available for the iphone.

2 Comments to “Fling The Furballs”

  1. Madhamish | Profile

    Totally addictive…. :D

  2. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Man, this thing has like infinte levels, I am working out level 21, it would be very cool indeed to know which level of difficulty you are at like from lvl1 to 5 is very easy from 5 to 10 easy… 10 to 20 medium, 20 to ?? hard… cool man, from lvl 15 up things start getting hard

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