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Geometric Riddle Poem

Three parts of a cross and a circle complete,

Two semi-circles a perpendicular meet,

A triangle standing on two feet,

Two semi-circles and a circle complete?

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9 Comments to “Geometric Riddle Poem”

  1. Nayan | Guest

    I didn’t understand what is it asking. Are there answers for each of the lines or just a single one ? And that to related to the human respiratory system.

  2. jason | Guest


  3. Jay | Guest


  4. RLP | Profile

    Nayan-The picture may be a hint, or merely a red herringSmiley

  5. jusdiver | Guest

    My guess is that we are dealing with something directly affecting the respiratory system:

    Three parts of a cross = T, a circle complete = O
    Two semi circles a perendicula meet = BB
    A triangle standing on two feet =A
    Two semi circles = CC, a circle complete = O


  6. jusdiver | Guest

    sorry, there is only supposed to be one B and put two in my explanation by mistake

  7. RLP | Profile

    This one was pretty tough…

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  9. Thomas | Guest

    Testing Comment with bbsync.

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