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Paper Folding Puzzle: visual-Spatial brain exercise

These paper folding puzzles are a great way to exercise the visual-spatial circuits in your brain.

Directions: A square transparent sheet with a pattern is given. When the transparent sheet is folded at the dotted line, which of the four choices below will result?

(Paper Folding Puzzle created for smartkit site)

Feel free to enter your answer below in the ‘comments’ section; will unmask them in about 24 hours to make sure most visitors get a chance to try it out. Thanks.

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25 Comments to “Paper Folding Puzzle: visual-Spatial brain exercise”

  1. smiley | Guest

    I think C is the right answer

  2. Joe | Guest


  3. jason | Guest

    i see C by the sea((smirk))

  4. alicia | Guest

    i think the right answer is C

  5. alicia | Guest

    my answer is C

  6. elizabeth | Guest


  7. charity | Guest


  8. jusdiver | Guest

    Yes C. As I don¡t believe I’m getting brainier that one must have been easier.

  9. Ahmad Al-Sharman | Guest

    The answer is B…

  10. Scott | Guest

    C, all you need to look at is the bottom triangle.

  11. Irene | Guest

    I agree with C.

  12. doug | Guest

    Si, its C

  13. Nayan | Guest

    Obviously the answer is C. We just have to merge the mirror reflection of the right side with the original left side to get the answer.

  14. behnam | Guest


  15. sonya | Guest


  16. Ian Mckinnon | Guest

    just look at the top and bottom triangles. they should be the same.
    I say C

  17. Ian Mckinnon | Guest

    scratch bottom.

  18. Abhijit | Guest

    Fiigure C.

  19. son | Guest


  20. prayok | Guest

    definately c

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  22. Poelo | Guest

    C would be correct only if the resulting pattern wasn’t inside a rectangle with dotted lines. So none of the response figures are correct.

  23. heochan_xox | Profile

    Maybe C???

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