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Printable Puzzle: Divide the ellipse

Here’s another new puzzle type we haven’t seen yet on the site. Can you divide the picture shown below by drawing two straight lines to produce three sections, each containing:

  • 3 lemons
  • 2 pears
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 crab

If you have a printer, you may find it easier to print this one out.

[Puzzle created for the Smartkit site]

Will hold off on showing any submitted answers (in the comment section below) for about 24 hours. Thanks

8 Comments to “Printable Puzzle: Divide the ellipse”

  1. Scott | Guest

    This one was easy, I got it in like 30 seconds.


  2. jusdiver | Guest

    you´ll have to take my word on this as I don’t have Scotts technology (and it would be redundant anyway to put another diagram up showing nothing new, but I did exactly the same as he did. I think it took me a couple of minutes more too.

  3. Scott | Guest

    lol for future reference it doesn’t take much technology. Microsoft Paint which comes with the computer if you are using any form of windows, and photobucket which you can use for free if you have internet access.

  4. coupland | Guest

    My solution was (very) slightly different than Scott’s and is a tad more intuitive, at least for me:

    Once you clue in that one of the lines doesn’t bisect the ellipse (which took about 3 seconds since that’s a common theme in these puzzles) then the solution kind of leaps out at you, visually…

  5. Nayan | Guest

    At first the thought that both the lines would cut the ellipse twice. Then after a while figured out that it is not necessary.

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