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Tom and Jerry Bridge Game

Tom and Jerry Bridge Game

Jerry is hungry, but Tom is guarding the kitchen. Can you help Jerry get some cheese? Build bridges, using any material you can find, and help Jerry get across the kithcen. Be careful though, if your construction isn't strong enough, Jerry will fall and Tom will catch him!

To start building, click on an anchor point and drag your new matchstick wherever you want. A new anchor point will be created at the tip of your matchstick. You can also draw a matchstick from anchor point to anchor point.

To remove building material, select the eraser tool and click on the things you want to remove.

Materials turn red when they are too long. Try to stretch the item less if it turns red.

When you are done building your bridge, start the simulation by pressing the 'test' button. If your bridge holds, press the walk button and Jerry will walk over it.


Smart-Kit's other great bridge building game!

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