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Graffiti Picture Puzzle: Spot the differences

There are 11 differences in the graffiti picture below- can you spot them all?

[Puzzle created for the smartkit site; click picture to jump to higher-resolution]

To give others a chance to answer, how about each person post 1 difference?

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15 Comments to “Graffiti Picture Puzzle: Spot the differences”

  1. Sarah | Guest

    The graffiti reads MYV on the extreme right of figure 1 but MYY on the second

  2. Thomas | Guest

    I love these. Just hard enough to make me think, yet not so hard I can’t get them all. :)

    What I’ll point out is the white line to the left of his feet.

  3. jusdiver | Guest

    My choice of those that I have found so far is: to the right of the artist´s right shoulder is an (almost)diamond-like shape in orange.

  4. jusdiver | Guest

    Sorry, it must be tiredness (it´s 2.15 am here (Southern Spain)) but it is not diamond-like at all – it is triangular (ish)

  5. Matt | Guest

    The black colored figure in the upper left which resembles an eye(?) is different. A water bottle and a paint spraycan are missing. Massachusetts is misspelled. In the far left a shape is differently colored. His shirt is more of a vibrant red at the top. I believe I saw nine in all but now I forgot them and some were mentioned previously.

  6. Matt | Guest

    Ok, one more. At the far left there is a spiral line that changes. Its color is black.

  7. D_TURREY | Guest


  8. SD | Guest

    below the far left spiral that changes direction (about the 7th that Matt pointed out) is a colored piece that is green in the first one but light orange in the second.

  9. Milo Zachary | Guest

    Did anyone mention the white stripe added at foot level in the bottom?

  10. Tiki | Guest

    I think i’ve got them all:

    Left to right
    1) on the leftmost part of the pic color switches from green to (kinda) yellow
    2)a litle black spiral scroll is inverted (in the grey part)
    3)the white lines drawn in the black area are inverted (near the top of the pic)
    4) a withe scroll near the guy’s left foot appears on the second pic.
    5) the guys t-shit changes its colour
    6) the orange area above the hand of the guy.
    7) a can in the floor is missing
    8) on the top the yellow lettes spell “massachusetts” diferently
    9) plastic bag’s colour changes
    10) the water bottle dissapears
    11) MYV turns to MYY

    hope i have’nt spoiled anyone

  11. Shelly | Guest

    In Yellow letters the word is spelled differently. and ppl dont understand the meaning of 1 per person lol

  12. RK | Profile

    haha, this has happened several times :)

  13. KTMayMay | Profile

    the Jackets are two different colors ( no not the one on the dude the one on the ground ) one’s red one’s pink

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