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Symon, experimental puzzle game

symon adventure game

Note: This game works best in Google Chrome browser.

From the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, comes a really cool game where you must solve the odd logic puzzles of dreams.

Symon is a point-and-click adventure game that takes place inside the dreams of a paralyzed patient. Through exploration of the pensive and sentimental dreamscape, he discovers repressed memories and tries to reconcile his troubled past.

The game requires the player to think differently, stepping out of the normal boundaries of conventional adventure game logic. Symon places a heavy emphasis on dream-logic, focusing memory and synesthesia to form the (il)logical connections required to solve the puzzles.

Each dream world is populated with characters and objects that represent the player character’s broken past. Each time he returns to the dream state, the puzzles are different, so every playthrough is different. While most traditional adventure game puzzles are hard-coded, Symon aims to bring a fresh experience through the introduction of procedurally generated puzzles and game-spaces.

Symon is an experimental adventure game. The puzzles try to reproduce the odd logic of dreams, where things make sense, but not quite. This logic becomes the underlying system of the game, which generates new puzzles procedurally whenever you start dreaming. The theme (being in a dream) is therefore embodied in the game design, which at the same time aims at introducing replayability in the adventure game genre.

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