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Find The Fault Puzzle Card: Grapes

Here’s another new puzzle type we haven’t seen before on the site. It’s an antique "Find the Fault’ card from Dennis Productions.

To make sure most visitors have a chance to try the puzzle, answers (entered into comment section below) will not show for 24-48 hrs.

29 Comments to “Find The Fault Puzzle Card: Grapes”

  1. Sebastian Lee | Guest

    Where is that leaf sticking towards the right coming from?

    There’s also one small part of the leaf at the top that is on top of the brown branches instead of behind, which looks suspicious.

    Lastly, there’s a grape on the left side, four down, which appears to have a stub sticking from it where it’s supposed to hang from.

    Well of course, some of the grapes should not have so much shine, being more hidden from the light coming from the top-right.

    Not sure if any of those are “the” fault, but I’m off to eat me some grapes.

  2. Joe | Guest

    Grapes grow on vines.

  3. arvin | Guest

    the leaves are innacurate, in the picture they resemble more like fronds with compound leaves than simple leaves like the ones that are supposed to be on grape trees. Also the leaves here are in an opposite fashion, with leaves coming from two petioles at each node, whereas they should alternate? This is coming from a botanical POV.

  4. den | Guest

    grapes don’t have those types of fern leaves.

  5. siddu | Guest

    leaf which is visible on the right side is not actually comming from tree it looks an picture editing

  6. sandra | Guest

    The fault to me is the fern leaf behind the grapes, not the leaf normally associated with grapes.

  7. Ed | Guest

    Grape vines do not have leaves like that.

  8. Kristin | Guest

    Grape leaves look very different than the leaves in the drawing

  9. Scott | Guest

    The top left most grape doesn’t have proper shading?

  10. jusdiver | Guest

    Perhaps it is too obvious and I am not thinking hard enough, but the leaves are not those you would expect to find on a vine. These leaves appear to be more appropriate to a fern or similar plant. A vine has much broader leaves. I can’t imagine the greeks making many dolmadakia with these.

  11. Kyle | Guest

    The stem is broken off of the branch near the upper left of the grapes.

  12. Pennyrile | Guest

    is that a fern leaf on a grapevine?

  13. Milo Zachary | Guest

    Yes, that is a fern leaf on the grapevine

  14. Rhys | Guest

    Grapes grow on vines, not branches.

  15. Elizabeth | Guest

    How about the No. 24 on the bottom left and No. G737 on the right discrepancy? These era antique drawings are frequently less than accurate in terms of color, shading, botany, and locations-where-leaves-attach.

  16. RLP | Profile

    Hi Elizabeth- Dennis Productions came out with numerous card games. This particular ‘Find the Fault’ pack has about 30 cards with faults, and the pack is No. G737. Other packs have different numbers, such as G803.

    The answer they give is that there should not be a fern leaf on a grapevine, but some of the things mentioned above seem kind of reasonable too

  17. D_TURREY | Guest


  18. D_TURREY | Guest


  19. Abhijit | Guest

    Grape vine leaves are not like shown in the picture . Moreover grapes don’t grow in trees but in creepers.

  20. Rooster in the Yard - Smartkit Brain Enhancement News | Guest

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  21. Ruchi | Guest

    Everything other than the fruit seems to be outta place…Branch instead of Vine…Spiky leaves instead of Grape vine leaves

  22. sri | Guest

    Grapes will not have leaves and they grow on vines

  23. Danel | Guest

    I actually knew that one.

  24. Nerislav | Guest

    leaves like that don’t grow on grape vines, also, the twig seems to get fatter on either side, its widest on the two ends where it was cut (strange)

  25. smokie | Profile

    The fern type leaves do not grow on a grape vine,totally different leaves all toghether

  26. Clever clogs LOL | Profile

    it says copyright at the bottom and it then says at the top!

  27. RK | Founder | Profile

    this card is ancient; I believe the original copyright has expired

  28. bhieko25nadine | Profile

    the leaves ar not appropriate in the fruit

  29. rathersane | Profile

    Grapes and fern leaves don’t grow out of the same plant, as far as I know.

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