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Crossing the River Puzzle

A man wishes to cross the river with a fox, a goose and some corn, and can only take one at a time in his little boat; if he should leave the fox with the goose he would eat the goose, and if he should leave the goose with the corn she would eat the corn; how will he get across with it all?

Feel free to enter your answer into the comments; will unmask them in a day or 2.

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18 Comments to “Crossing the River Puzzle”

  1. Joe | Guest

    1.Take the goose across and come back.
    2.Take the fox across and take the goose back.
    3.Take the corn across and come back.
    4.Take the goose across and you’re done.
    You can switch around the fox and the corn in step 2 and 3 if you want.

  2. nimrod | Guest

    he takes the goose, comes back, takes the corn, comes back with the goose, the takes the fox, comes back, and finally takes the goose….unless he can’t leave anything on the other side alone……i guess i can only do the easy ones…

  3. Irene | Guest

    First, bring the goose to the other side of the river.
    Go back, and bring the fox to the other side, then bring the goose with him.
    Leave the goose and bring the corn to the other side of the river.
    Then return to fetch the goose.

  4. Vishvas Vasuki | Guest

    Man and goose go forth.
    Man returns.
    Man and fox go forth.
    Man and goose return.
    Man and corn go forth.
    Man returns.
    Finally, man and goose go forth.

  5. Milo Zachary | Guest

    First the goose is ferried across and left on the other bank. Then the man returns for the fox, leaving it and returning with the goose. He leaves the goose on the original side while he transports his corn and leaves it with the fox. Lastly, he goes back to fetch his goose and there is a wonerful reunion celebration with the man and all of his items on the far bank of the river.

  6. charity | Guest

    the man goes across with the goose, takes him over and drops him off. goes back and gets the corn, when he gets to the other side he drops of the corn and picks up the goose. taking the goose back to the beginning side. he picks up the fox and drops the fox off with the corn. then he returns for the goose, taking Him back over….he now has all three on the same side

  7. T Cloud | Guest

    It seems your likely first candidate would be the goose to take over. Leave the goose on the other side of the water and go back to get the fox. Once the fox has been brought over to he other side take the goose back to the oiginal side so he does not get eaten and drop him off. Pick up the grain while you are there, take it over and leave it with the fox. Now, go back and grab your favorite goose and bring him over. Nobody gets eaten and everyone is happy.

  8. Scott | Guest

    goose over first, then go back and bring the fox over but take the goose back, drop the goose off at the start, bring the corn over to the fox, go back for the goose.

    or just shoot the fox and eat the corn urself

  9. RLP | Profile

    Haven’t seen you in awhile Scott, glad you’re still with us : )

    T Cloud, Charity, Milo, Vishvas, Irene, Scott, Nimrod, and Joe are correct.

  10. Scott | Guest

    you haven’t seen me cuz ur puzzles are too hard and if I can’t figure them out I give up easily.

  11. RLP | Profile

    Been planning on putting some up that are more moderate in their degree of difficulty…

  12. Abhijit | Guest

    First he takes the goose and leaves it in the oppsite bank and returns . This time he takes the fox and crosses the river and leaves the fox in the opposite nbank , but while returning he takes backs the goose with himself . This time he leaves the goose in the original bank of the river and takes the corn to the opposite bank and leaves the corn ewith the fox . He agaoin returns to the goose and takes him to the opposite bank .

  13. me | Guest

    take fox across, and make goose swim behind.
    take goose back.
    take corn across, make goose swim behind.

  14. sri | Guest

    First Man takes the goose and comes back
    Then he takes the fox across and bring the goose back.
    And Then Takes the corn across and leave it there come back.
    After that he takes the goose. Thats it.

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  16. coniffer baba | Profile

    1 – Man and goose goes, man comes back
    2 – Man and corn goes, man comes back with goose
    3 – Man and fox goes , man comes back
    4 – Man and goose goes

    And all lived happily ever after

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  18. wini2smart4U | Profile

    first bring the goose then the fox but bring the goose back then the corn goes over then the goose goes over

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