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Good puzzle for younger children and students

Don’t want to make all the puzzles too hard, so here’s a good one you can print out for younger children or students.

3 Comments to “Good puzzle for younger children and students”

  1. yoshi | Guest

    6. 1 2 and 3 are on the hidden side

  2. jusdiver | Guest

    If these “dice” follow normal conventions then the sum of opposite sides must add up to 7. Taking that into account and noting the positions of the 5 and 2 relative to the 3 and 4 the top side of the cube must either be a 1 or 6. The position of the 1 in the other cube relative to the 2 and 3 leads me to deduce that the unknown side is a 6. Is that right or have I missed something?

  3. RLP | Profile

    Jusdiver- you are correct

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