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Tricky Horse Riding Puzzle

Tricky Horse Riding Puzzle


Teachers looking to challenge their students' lateral thinking ability will absolutely love this horse riding puzzle. This is an excellent way to demonstrate and practice how to think 'outside of the box'!

The instructions are simple:

Position the riders so that it looks like each of them is riding a horse. Note that horses may not overlap.


This puzzle is available for purchase! The beautifully colored artwork is printed on thick white card stock paper (8.5 x 11).




9 Comments to “Tricky Horse Riding Puzzle”

  1. Obiwan | Profile

    One horse up, one horse down, space in between; riders up/down in the space. Essentially two new horses from 1/2 or each old horse.

  2. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    This one is a classic :)

  3. bhatiamahima | Profile

    hmmm… i dnt knw its correct or nt.. i guess… rotate both horses like,d red 1 legs wl comes on top… n yellow 1 horse’s leg 2 normal at d top, it wll look like tht some 1 is ridding bt u won’t b able 2 c d rider…
    nw rotate riders two times, nw set their positions like both horses on top n d red rider on d red striped horse, in such way so tht yellow 1 will hide(take all of them to top of d page..)

  4. idleguy | Profile

    Hint: It only says that to position the riders so that it “looks like” each of them is riding. Thats the clue. Basically the riders would be upside down but it would look like they are riding their horses. The backs of the horses would be facing each other and well you get the idea. Pretty nifty though.

  5. fanfan | Profile

    Position so that hind legs of horse1 becomes hind legs of horse2, and vice versa.

  6. Hendy | Profile

    When you put it together right the horses look like they are making a very long jump and the middle white portions are not part of a horse.

  7. annawert59 | Profile

    I did it this puzzle has been vexing me FOREVER sooooo happy!

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