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What Do Cows Eat?

cow riddle

image: Himalayan Academy Publicatoins, Kapaa, Kauai Hawaii.

OK, don’t think about it, just go ahead and read this aloud right now:

The cow ate the

the green grass

Open the comments below to see how you did : )

8 Comments to “What Do Cows Eat?”

  1. RK | Founder | Profile

    Most people read this as “The cow ate the grass” the first time through. Look carefully at the sentence though-did you notice ‘the’ appears twice?

  2. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    the the green grass

  3. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I was tricked on the 1st reading as I skimmed through the puzzle’s given in perplexion.

    On the 2nd reading which was more meticulous, the puzzle’s purpose was clear :)

  4. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    What do cows drink?

  5. Obiwan | Profile

    One too many “the’s”!

  6. John Lewis Highsmith | Profile

    What kind of food is the “the green grass” the cow ate?

  7. Hendy | Profile

    The cow ate “the”?

  8. harperstallings | Profile

    The cow ate the the green grass

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