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Car Traffic Game, I LOVE TRAFFIC

Car Traffic Game, I LOVE TRAFFIC

An interesting speed of processing and executive function game.  Turn the traffic lights from red to green to send the cars speeding along. Be careful, however, to avoid head on collisons! As the levels advance, you'll need to control more lights, more cars, and more roads. Before you know it, those little vehicles will be zooming in from all directions! Keeping those intersections clean definitely becomes as a challenge as you progress through this outstanding traffic game! Another great game for kids and students of all ages!

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  1. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Very cool game, not as hard as swithman, but level 20 was very hard indeed

  2. Color Traffic | Smart-Kit Puzzles and Games | Guest

    […] Do you like great traffic control games? Check out I Love Traffic! […]

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