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Find the Fault, DRESS-UP

find the fault puzzle card dressup

Can you find the fault in the picture above?


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17 Comments to “Find the Fault, DRESS-UP”

  1. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    The buttons are on the wrong side of her jacket, should be on the left for women’s clothes.

    Mirror image, very clever!

  2. ahsergio | Profile

    The mirror is refelcting a real image, not a inverted one, check her arms

  3. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Good call! The tilt of the hat is a correct mirror image, but the arm positions are reversed.

    I wonder if the buttons are mirror image or true image like the arms. Hmmmmmm, could go either way. Waiting for a ruling from above!!

  4. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    The lady’s dress does not go with the drapes :D

    On the other hand, the mirror reflects her left and right arms the other way round.

  5. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    1: The left arm and the right arm are not reflected in the mirror correctly.
    2: She should really be trying on the green hat with that outfit. That white one is hideous.

  6. John Lewis Highsmith | Profile

    The view in the mirror is not a reflection of the lady, but is the view we would would have if she were to turn around.

  7. John Lewis Highsmith | Profile

    The mirror view is not a reflection. It is as though we were looking at her from the front.

  8. joe | Profile

    1, she picked up the wrong hat (should be the green one)
    2, the reflection mirror image is wrong for the arms

  9. megha03 | Profile

    green hat should be worn instead of the white and pink one

  10. cheddarmelt | Profile

    Also, the skirt is on backwards; the slit goes in back.

  11. RK | Founder | Profile

    The official answer I have is: the mirror is not reflecting her arms properly. However, the buttons Shawn mentions and the skirt slit Cheddarmelt mentions are also interesting possibilities. And her fashion taste is a bit off! (white hat instead of green)

  12. summer12 | Profile

    hat should be green its in her right lower part instead of using white pink hat

  13. bhatiamahima | Profile

    mirror reflection z wrong… n dress up she z wearing white hat not the green one…

  14. trixy | Profile

    I’ll go with her arms… The reflection is not right..

  15. ToTheEnd | Profile

    I apologize friends, but I’m about to divulge many faults as to the parts of this picture. If you’re interested, continue, if not, there’s no need for me to tell you what to do.

    Aside from the aforementioned mistake, there are many more that haven’t been pronounced. I won’t bother including the answer everyone else has given, not directly at least.

    1. I see that no one has noticed the mirror itself. If one observes the shadow, they will see that the mirror seems to be sitting a distance from the wall, however, if one observes the overall perspective of the picture, they will find that the legs are not in equal proportion to the distance of the shadow cast by the mirror.

    2. The shadow of the mirror itself is inaccurate. It appears to be cast at a downward angle. However, if one observes the shadows of the curtains, table and lady, one can easily deduce the shadows for the mirror are drawn wrong, as all of the other shadows are drawn directly sideways. The legs of the mirror would also be creating a small shadow, were the wirror truly far enough away from the wall to cast that deep of a shadow.

    3. If you’ll look at the angle of the table, the woman and the desk, they are all drawn at a slant. The mirror, wall and curtains however are not. The “shadows” cast from the blue hat and the white one, seemingly laced with flowers, are directed backwards.

    4. The woman’s right elbow (left elbow in the mirror) is cut off, however, if she followed the rest of the perspective and distance in the picture, (especially if her arms were turned the right way), all of her would be shown in the mirror, save for the feet. (I’m saving another obscurity about these for later). The picture is drawn this way to give depth, however if one truly observes the situation, they can easily deduce that were the reflection accurate, she would have to be standing diagonally for the mirror to cut off her arms/elbows. Who looks at themselves diagonally in the mirror whilst trying to get ready?

    5. If the woman were truly standing that far back from the mirror, judging by the stunted height of the legs of the mirror, more of her legs would be showing, possibly even her ankles.

    6. The heinous white hat is also inaccurate. On her person, the red/pink ribbon appears to be located on the front, while being reflected as if it were located in the back.

    7. As well as that (still pertaining to the hat), in the mirror, you can see the brim of the hat is clearly bent down in the back, while if you look at the back of her head, it seems as though the brim is tilted upward. This can be told by observing the right side of the hat. On the brim, (after the hump drawn to be the brim), you will notice a small line; this is originally added to show detail, but betrays falsity as well. The direction of the detail line in comparison to the rest of the brim, hints that the brim of the hat is up, which would create the downward crease.

    8. The table, nor items, are even hinted in the mirror.

    9. A detail line of the left curtain has no shadow as it’s others do.

    9. A mirror of those proportions, standing on two legs like that, is most likely going to shatter because it would fall, having no decent support.

    All in all, a generally accurate picture.

    And some food for thought, isn’t it odd how she should have a completely olive-drab green outfit (exempting the hat) and matching curtains, with only one green hat? Whilst there are many minor things including pink (heels, undershirt, heinous hat on her head and two at the side on the circular brown desk)? As well the tan walls and only one tan hat? I would think she would have more items of those colours. As is human nature, we tend to buy clothes that have our favourite colours.

  16. FALAH | Profile

    the left and the right hands are difrent in the merror

  17. Gabbatron3000 | Profile

    Also the waistband thing below the buttons in the mirror, it goes around to her front, but on the back you can see the waistband does not go past her hips….

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