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Hidden Object Card, Liebig

Out of all my Liebig antique puzzle cards, this one reigns supreme! The artistic subtlety is leaps and bounds above what you find in today’s typical hidden object games.

The German Translation is: “Where are the remaining smokers?”

There are 4, can you find them?


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20 Comments to “Hidden Object Card, Liebig”

  1. drauh | Guest

    you missed the umlaut. it means, “where are the remaining smokers?”

  2. RLP | Profile

    Drauh- that definitely helps; thanks for stopping by

  3. doug | Guest

    is the answer inside the fireplace of the house across the canal? or perhaps theyre just hanging out behind the chimney…

  4. Prairie Kittin | Guest

    Turn it upside down. The hidden smokers are by their feet.

  5. doug | Guest

    wow. they sure are. you really need to save the picture, rotate it, then enlarge it to see them. i like my answer better though…

  6. RLP | Profile

    This is one of the hardest hidden object cards I’ve seen; good job PK

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  8. Steve | Guest

    There is a line of smoke from the kid in red shirt’s elbow down.

  9. Abhijit | Guest

    The chimney far away from the boys is the other smoker.

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  13. guiddeaux | Guest

    hi i am new here and i love your site. just need help with this particular picture. cant find the other smokers. can you please help me.

  14. RK | Profile

    Hi Guiddeaux- thanks for the positive feedback :)

    if you look at Prairie Kitten’s comment above, there is a link to the answer. Just copy and paste this into your browser:

  15. guiddeaux | Guest

    thanks rk now i see it. i showed my mom and dad the site and they love it as well.


  16. me | Guest

    I don’t get what it’s asking

    For smokers as in people or smokers as in the candy…

  17. housmel | Profile

    Click on it to make the picture big and flip it upside down. The faces are next to their anckles. Their shoes are hats and the lines in the brick cigs.

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  19. biuoe | Profile

    wer hat den Kokosnuss geklaut?????

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