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renewable energy trivia quiz

Try to figure out the items below based on the clues provided.

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  • Before oil can be used for energy, it must be refined. In a refinery, this chemical element- a key part of the rotten egg smell- is removed from crude oil.


  • By 2020, this country is projected to consume more energy than any other country.


  • This term is used to describe how long it takes for a material to release half of its radioactivity.  For cobalt-60 this number is 5.3 years. For uranium-238, it is over 4 billion years.


  • This fossil fuel is currently the main source of electricity product on earth.


  • About 20% of the energy in the United States comes from this type of energy.


  • Currently, this is the most widely used renewable energy resource used around the globe.


  • Natural gas contains 85-98% of this chemical compound- a potent greenhouse gas.  Also a by-product of cow metabolism.


  • This term is used to describe the point at which the maximum rate of global oil extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline.


  • Hyrdropower, or power from water, is realized when pressured water from behind a dam spins one of these.



A great educational exercise that will hopefully spark your interest in, and teach you a few facts, about renewable energy.

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