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Great brain teaser by Lloyd King

Was reading through Amazing Aha! Puzzles last night, and came across this truly great brain teaser which I’m 100% sure will challenge even our genius regulars.

Big thanks to Lloyd for allowing me to repost it here.


Can you figure out what these weird looking things are?

For another one of his puzzles- with a very unique solution- click here.

You can also find lots more on his website.


Will unmask submitted answers (found below in the ‘comments’ section) Friday morning; let’s see who can figure this one out…

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7 Comments to “Great brain teaser by Lloyd King”

  1. Joe | Guest

    Crop circles.

  2. jason | Guest

    crop circles

  3. Kyle | Guest

    Maybe it has something to do with geometry; radii, diameter, what seem to almost be tangets, things like that.

  4. Aaron | Guest

    CROP CIRCLES-Rotate each circle a 1/4 of a turn to the right to form a letter.

  5. Spator | Guest

    Crop Circles. Rotate every figure inside the circles 90 degrees clockwise

  6. RLP | Profile

    I thought this one was really tough; Joe, Jason, Aaron & Spator -Good job!

  7. Darkened_Shadow | Profile

    i don’t get it
    What does it say?

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