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Social Media Sites Quiz

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social-media triva quiz

How much of a social media geek are you? Can't get enough of the most popular web 2.0 sites?

Instructions: Name the social media site from the clues given below.

When you type in a correct answer, the 'answer box' will change to a blue color.

You have 5 minutes to finish this quiz.


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  • The site where birds gather


  • Users fall all over this site


  • The site where users carry a shovel


  • Where you "read it" last


  • You also do this when baking a cake


  • This site tastes great


  • We heard about this one through the grapevine


  • A half-eaten donut meets London's subway station


  • The shame of a guilty party can be read on their ______  like a _____


Social Media Sites Quiz

A web 2.0 quiz involving social media sites

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