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Mental rotation puzzle

Mental rotation cube folding puzzles frequently show up on IQ tests. While some are easy, the more challenging ones present a great way to exercise the visual-spatial circuits of your brain…

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10 Comments to “Mental rotation puzzle”

  1. formerly known as ray | Guest

    the answer is ‘a’.

    ‘c’ is eliminated immediately simply because the images themselves dont work (i.e the ‘6’ side is turned 90 degress from what is should be)

    ‘b’ doesnt work because orange side with the green dot should be on the opposite side.

    ‘a’ and ‘d’ are similar, but if you were to complete the cube while continuing to have the ‘#’ side facing you, the ‘6’ would be to the back, the ‘X’ on top, and the star to the right, which is what image a represents.

  2. Ian | Guest

    Definitely A, seems it’s the only correct one.

    It was interesting not having a question.

    Thanks for all the puzzles and news, great site!

  3. Thomas | Guest

    I’m thinking D for some reason.

  4. Adam | Guest

    Yes, A must be the correct answer, however the various images are obviously not perfect. The X for example is supposed to have equal sides in length with a top/bottom that is different from its left/right. The top, if you will, of the X is supposed to face the 6 dots, however in figure A, it appears that perhaps the right side of the X is facing the 6 dots… granted its deformed and a bit hard to tell.

  5. ladeda | Guest

    a b c and d

  6. Abhijit | Guest

    The option A is the right one .

  7. Sofya | Guest


  8. James D. Turner | Guest

    A is only working solution.

    B- x on wrong side

    C- single dot not perpendicular to row of three

    D- star is on wrong side

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