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Distortion Picture Puzzle

This ‘distortion’ picture question is also a new puzzle type we haven’t seen before. Try to figure out what the original photograph portrays.

Click on the image below to jump to high resolution version.

[ Brain teaser created for Smartkit site ]

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15 Comments to “Distortion Picture Puzzle”

  1. Joe | Guest

    A man in front of a window, I guess.

  2. formerly known as ray | Guest

    seems to be a couple doctors examining x-rays.

  3. dfg | Guest

    its a face …u can see hair on the right and nose holes and lips too

  4. jason | Guest

    is it two doctors in front of an X-ray?

  5. jeff | Guest

    It’s two doctors examining x-ray photographs. The one of the left appears to be female and the other one appears to be male. The x-ray photographs appear to be have vertebrae in them.

  6. Sleazy Snake | Guest

    A man exhaling smoke.

  7. Rhys | Guest

    It’s a dog.

  8. JP | Guest

    I see a partial view of the globe in the picture – half of the North/South American continent and the western part of the European and African continents, separated by the blue Atlantic Ocean. If you look close enough, you can see a tiny speck (the UK) as an island. It’s so distorted but that’s my best guess.

  9. arvin | Guest

    it looks like the x-rays as people have mentioned, i don’t see a globe though, since the Earth doesn’t have a gigantic dark gap in it.

  10. T Cloud | Guest

    I appears to be two doctors, one of which being clearly male, standing infront of an x-ray of possibly a rib-cage. Both doctors seem to have a hand pointing to something on the x-ray.

  11. RLP | Profile

    click here to see what the original image looks like; T Cloud even managed to catch the hands pointing

  12. LOVE420 | Guest

    I think its a right-handed doctor showing the loser sign with his left hand to another doctor in front of some x-rays

  13. Abhijit | Guest

    It is a dog or cat on a operation table .

  14. lijo | Guest

    it look like a dog

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