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Trivia Quiz-Chocolate!


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In 1519, this Aztec Emperor served the highly prized Chocolatl (chocolate flavored with vanilla and spices) in ceremonial golden goblets to the Spanish conquistador Cortez .
This unique vegetable fat forms about 25% of the weight of most chocolate bars, and is also used in massage creams.
This country consumes the most chocolate per capita.
Chocolate is made from the beans of this tree
Before being dried, roasted, and ground, the beans used to make chocolate must go through this chemical process-also important in making wine.
Many young children on this continent work as slaves in the chocolate industry
Largest chocolate manufacturer in North America
In 1964, Roald Dahl published a children's book about a chocolate factory. What was the poor boy's name?
On this holiday, a box of chocolates is frequently given, typically with flowers.

Trivia Quiz-Chocolate!

An Educational trivia quiz on chocolate.

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