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Trivia Quiz-Chocolate!

Trivia Quiz-Chocolate


triva quiz chocolate

Try to figure out the items below based on the clues provided.

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  • In 1964, Roald Dahl published a children's book about a chocolate factory. What was the poor boy's name?


  • On this holiday, a box of chocolates is frequently given, typically with flowers.


  • Largest chocolate manufacturer in North America


  • Many young children on this continent work as slaves in the chocolate industry


  • Chocolate is made from the beans of this tree


  • Before being dried, roasted, and ground, the beans used to make chocolate must go through this chemical process-also important in making wine.


  • This unique vegetable fat forms about 25% of the weight of most chocolate bars, and is also used in massage creams.


  • In 1519, this Aztec Emperor served the highly prized Chocolatl (chocolate flavored with vanilla and spices) in ceremonial golden goblets to the Spanish conquistador Cortez .


  • This country consumes the most chocolate per capita.


Trivia Quiz-Chocolate!

An Educational trivia quiz on chocolate.

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