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Graphic Puzzle with Floating Squares (Moderate Difficulty)

Don’t think we’ve done this type of puzzle layout before:

(Created for Smartkit site)


WARNING: Answer below. Don’t scroll down until you give it a try!

8 Comments to “Graphic Puzzle with Floating Squares (Moderate Difficulty)”

  1. Joe | Guest

    B. You go by rows adding the combination of lines from the first two boxes to make the combination of lines in the last one. If any of the lines overlap you delete them.

  2. Joe | Guest

    It also works by columns.

  3. RLP | Profile

    Good pickup, hadn’t noticed the columns yet

  4. Abhijit | Guest


  5. mgnge | Profile

    I dun know :D

  6. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    I liked this one, B is the answer. Combination of the lower row gives B to combine with the top right box to give the second row third column combinatin.

  7. husseinfotohi | Profile


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