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Barbed Wire in a Tree, a picture puzzle

While hiking a wooded trail today, we came across a piece of barbed wire running right through a portion of the tree, about 4 feet above my head. Shot a picture of it, you can see above.

What is the most likely explanation for how it got there?

Answers can be submitted below, will unmask Wednesday!

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7 Comments to “Barbed Wire in a Tree, a picture puzzle”

  1. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    The wire was part of a fence and the tree grew around it. The fence was taken down but the piece of wire was left stuck there.

  2. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    This link should give an idea:

  3. cheddarmelt | Profile

    The wire was there first, and the tree grew around it.

  4. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Fruits & nuts grow on trees, but barbed wire grows IN trees, usually deciduous hardwoods. Your tree is a rare find, as most free-range wire-producing trees were harvested by the late 1800’s. Sadly, twisted-iron trees now exist only in captivity on large farms. With only ~50 square meters of living space per tree and no international protection groups, their natural nomadic longings go largely unfulfilled. Heartbreakingly, the very barbed wire that is harvested from the trees is used to secure their enclosure; a fence made from the soul of the fenced.

    Such a sad twist of irony.

  5. engjs1960 | Profile

    The tree grew around it.

  6. Falwan | Profile

    Could’t see it very clearly..

    Maybe a branch that looks like a barbed wire!

  7. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Probably, several years back, the tree was part of a property line, and had the barbed wire either wrapped around it or nailed to it. As the tree grew, the tree also grew around, and eventually encased, the barbed wire, in addition to lifting it much higher off the ground.

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