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Seeing Red

Seeing Red


color red quiz

Can you figure out the items with 'Red' in their name from the clues provided?

When you type in a correct answer, the 'answer box' will change to a blue color

You have 4 minutes to finish this quiz.


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  • Chewing Gum


  • Energy Drink


  • Open source Linux


  • Humanitarian movement, helps during emergencies to keep people safe


  • US baseball team


  • American rock band formed 1983


  • Movie rental kiosk


  • 1980s action movie with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen


  • marks the path taken by heads of state or celebrities at formal events


Seeing Red

This fiery quiz asks you to identify the items that have 'Red' in their names. Clues are provided to give you just enough of a hint- how many can you correctly guess?

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