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New Iphone App- iCut- with free levels

icut iphone puzzle game app

Peter Grabarchuk [creator of Untouchable 11] just let me know about his new iphone puzzle game iCut. The object is to cut the shapes into congruent parts by painting them into different colors. The parts must be identical in size and shape, and may be rotated and/or reflected.


  • 504 hand-crafted puzzles
  • Play from easiest (Pack 1) to hardest (Pack 7)
  • 4 levels: cut shapes into 2,3,4,5 parts.
  • 3 distinctive modes: Basic, Shift, Domino
  • For all solvers: from beginners to experts alike
  • Neat graphics and smooth play
  • Advanced hint system available!
  • Stuck? Use your skip points!

You can play many of the puzzles for free; check it at the itunes App store:

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