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Guess this classic 30 word Riddle (Difficulty level: Hard)

Here’s a classic riddle (30 words) that’s fairly hard:



Short was my life, and brilliant my career;


Behead me, I in lovely green appear;


Behead again, I once was made to save


My chosen inmates from a watery grave.

Doubt anyone will get the answer right away. Feel free, however, to try.

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30 Comments to “Guess this classic 30 word Riddle (Difficulty level: Hard)”

  1. scott | Guest

    I believe the answer is Grass.

  2. RK | Profile

    Hi Scott- a reasonable guess, but there is a better answer…

  3. df | Guest


  4. KLM | Guest


  5. RK | Profile

    Sunflower is definitely a good answer.

    For this riddle, what if “behead” means to change the word…

  6. den | Guest


  7. RK | Profile

    “I once was made to save
    my chosen inmates from a watery grave”

    Hint: Biblical

  8. David | Guest

    How about “spark”

  9. Shannon | Guest

    Not lemon, I meant lime. Sorry.

  10. RK | Profile

    David’s got it


    some good guesses, though-Sunflower, grass, lime, plants/graft; glad I was able to come up with something a little more challenging this time

  11. Scott | Guest

    i still dont get it, can you explain?

  12. nimrod | Guest

    nice one….

  13. RK | Profile

    Sure; ‘short was my life, brilliant my career’- a ‘spark’
    to behead is to cut off the 1st letter: the ‘s’

    ‘I in lovely green appear’- a ‘park’

    behead again is to remove the ‘p’, which leaves you ‘ark’ (I was once made to save my chosen inmates from a watery grave)

  14. Kim | Guest

    The answer is a frog

  15. shiangchen | Guest

    This is briliant, I was never good a math but I’m convinced the answer is spark.

  16. Neil | Guest

    ouldnt the answer acctually be noah? not spark? seeing as when it refers to “i” in the 3rd and “my” in the fourth line that it was refering to noah? not the spark? the spark is just an aid to a means the same with park. ark is also andaid to a means but it gives you the final clue you need to complete the riddle.

  17. Vishvas Vasuki | Guest

    Another answer could be “antiquark”. Like all anti-matter, the life of
    an antiquark is very short and spectacular in this universe. Behead
    “antiquark”, and you get quark! Green is one of the “colors” in which
    quarks appear. Behead “quark” once more, and you get the biblical


  18. RK | Profile

    Impressive, Vishvas!

  19. Blue | Guest

    antiquark doesn’t work because you’re arbitrarily beheading letters that are convenient to your answer. taking away the anti, okay, that’s understandable, but the taking away of qu to form the ark is just a random cutting of letters given you know the final answer.

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  21. Daniel | Guest


  22. khan hidayat | Guest


  23. khan hidayat | Guest


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  25. DR.Ben | Guest

    spark park arc

  26. noxsmarts | Profile

    Is it money?

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  28. seansman15 | Profile

    Davy Jones
    the green light after a soul returns
    he was originally supposed to ferry souls to the after life
    watery grave= Davy Jones’ locker

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