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Logic puzzle with a sequence of figures

In this short puzzle, the seven figures below form a series.

One of the five numbered figures, however, doesn’t fit. Can you determine which?

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20 Comments to “Logic puzzle with a sequence of figures”

  1. Joe | Guest

    Number 3 doesn’t fit. First the yellow oval moves clockwise, then the line with the circle on the end, then the arrow. After that the process is repeated.

  2. nimrod | Guest

    wasn’t there a comment on here already? i’m pretty sure he had the right answer…..

  3. RK | Profile

    yes, Joe had the 1st comment; it’s up there now, sorry about that

  4. den | Guest

    but if you take away 3 you have the same pattern as if you had taken away 4. 3 and 4 are the same. therefore. i choose 5.

  5. jon | Guest

    i think the answer is 3.. u dont have to take away 3 just change it with a right pattern

  6. den | Guest

    oooo they dont slide over…no wonder i do so poorly on IQ tests.

  7. Brittany B | Guest

    I know I found this randomly and later than others, but I think it’s 4. If the 1 shows movement of yellow, 2 shows movement of line with circle, 3 shows movement of line with arrow, four should show movement of yellow again before 5 shows movement of line with circle again.

    Maybe my warped brain has made sense of it wrong, but hey. lol :)

  8. john r | Guest

    Each figure has an exact paired match (aside from the whole figure’s angular position), except for figure number one. Therefore #1 is the one that is different. I usually smoke IQ questions.

  9. Abhijit | Guest

    Figure 4 which is nothing but arepetition of 3

  10. Iknowit | Guest

    I’d love to get the official answer on this one, but I say john r has nailed it. Number one is the only one without another just like it. Now way that it can be wrong. All other answers except for #1 are wrong

  11. RK | Profile

    The answer Joe gave (#3) is the answer the puzzle designers had in mind.

    not sure I’m getting how #1 can be correct- Iknowit or john r, can you please further explain? thanks

  12. Iknowit | Guest

    Yes. I can explain it easily:

    Figures 3 and 4 are absolutely identical in all aspects. The angle within the black line segment appears to be 90 degrees, the yellow swoosh in relation to each is identical, and the overall rotational orientation of the entire figure is identical.
    Similarly, figures 2 and 5 have identical black line segment angles and the yellow swoosh is oriented identically. These figures are the same, but figure five is rotated slightly to the right (12 o’clock to 2 o’clock on the point).
    Un-numbered figures “zero” and “six” are also identical, with the black line segment in each forming a larger than 90 degree angle, and again the yellow swoosh is in the very same place. “Six” is depicted with the entire figure rotated about 90 degrees to the right, but again it is identical with “zero”.
    The ONLY FIGURE which DOES NOT have its corresponding matched pair is NUMBER ONE. The black line segment is greater than 90 degrees, but the yellow swoosh is at a different angle. There is no figure in the series which looks anything like number one. Therefore number one does not belong.

    I don’t know what the author had in mind, but I do know that I have a 160 IQ and nearly always get these sorts of questions right.

  13. Iknowit | Guest

    Yes, in a progression, number three does not fit. Nowhere was it made clear that this intends to depict a progression.
    Either way, depending upon how one interprets this series of figures, there are two bona fide, yet unique solutions via two legitimate reasoning methods.

  14. RK | Profile

    Iknowit- thanks for explaining. You’re right, #1 is a good a answer too.

    It’s not always easy to design questions with one correct answer; in the U.S.- every year over a million high school students take the SAT, and from time to time the test creators openly admit that some of their questions were not properly designed and had 2 correct responses.

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  16. pingpong | Guest

    no.1 doesn’t fit

  17. pingpong | Guest

    yes that’s right,i think much better of no.3

  18. Balqees | Profile

    i think it 5

  19. ian | Profile

    yellow move, pointer move, yellow move, POINTER DONT MOVE(4), pointer move .

  20. sajal | Profile

    number 3 figure doesn’t fit

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