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10 Weird, Wacky And Wonderful Online Puzzles

wacky weird wonderful online puzzles

Are you tired of the same old online puzzles? From math puzzles to brain teasers to word puzzles, you’re sure to get re-energized with these 10 weird, wacky and wonderful online puzzles from the Smart-Kit library.

Walk in the Park puzzle

1. A Walk in the Park

Our crazy cat is up to no good again! Check out “A Walk in the Park” online picture puzzle. Your goal is to find the 7 shapes that are used twice (object doubles).

A New Dirty Picture Puzzle

2. A Dirty Picture Puzzle

What do toilets and money have in common? In this cool picture puzzle from Gray-T, can you figure out the famous musician?

Celebrity Eyes online puzzle quiz

3. Celebrity Eyes Picture Quiz

A little creepy, yes. Totally fun and entertaining, definitely! In the picture above are a bunch of celebrities. How man can you identify by the eyes? Uses Smart-Kit’s new quiz engine!

Kate word letter puzzle

4. To Meet “Kate”

From the sentences below, can you fully trace the evolution of “Kate”s? How many words can you identify? To get you started, the 1st one is done for you:

  • Cate imparts much information: communicate

Like Words vocabulary puzzle

5. Like Words

Even though school is probably out for most students,  this weird and wacky word puzzle will test your vocabulary prowess.  The word in the middle has the same meaning as the words that flank it. Try to figure out for each of these!


More Word Beheading

6. More Word Beheading

Try to guess the answer to this totally weird and wonderful online puzzle submitted by Mashplum (warning: Hard!)

Who am I?

Behead me and I will tell the story.

Behead some more, I’m in my glory.

Mice and Lice math brain teaser

7. Math Brain Teaser: Mice & Lice

Mice are just as about as unwelcome a site as lice- but not in this weird and wacky online puzzle. If 6 mice eat 6 lice in 6 minutes, how many mice will it take to eat 100 lice in 100 minutes, at the same rate?

Cool brain teaser riddle

8. A little ditty of a brain teaser

This online puzzle will leave you scratching your head until you realize the Roman nature of it:

Place a hundred at each end, with a five in the middle,

And a one on each side of the five: then will the riddle

Goat Problem math geometry puzzle

9. The Goat Problem

A goat is tied on the corner post of a barn in a flat grass field. This goat’s hungry, and your job is to figure out how many square feet he can reach to eat in this online puzzle. Type in ‘goat’ in the search box above to see all the other goat puzzles this original inspired!

Animal Evolution easy word puzzle

10. Animal Evolution

In how few moves can you transform ‘lion’ to ‘lamb’? Be sure to change only one letter at a time. Each change must always spell correct dictionary words.

And there you have it! 10 Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful Online Puzzles from Smart-Kit!

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